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International Network for Environmental Compliance Training Professionals
Join the Network!

To join the compliance training professionals network, please email with your contact information and a short description of how you plan to participate in this knowledge community.

The International Network for Environmental Compliance Training Professionals is practitioner knowledge community that shares information and best practices, supports trainer education and exchanges, and promotes the importance of effective environmental compliance training.

If you wish to participate in the compliance training professionals community by helping shape the network's goals and activities, sharing training resources, or communicating with other training professionals, please contact the INECE Secretariat at

Environmental Compliance Training Resource Library

The Environmental Compliance Training Resource Library is a searchable collection of resources on (a) designing training programs and (b) actual environmental compliance courses and guidance organized by universal themes across the environmental management cycle. All materials in the library are public documents that may be adapted and used freely. Search the library or browse the aisles below.

Information Bullet Aisle 1: Designing Training Programs
  Training materials related to the design and implementation of compliance training programs as an activity of a broader environmental program or agency.
  Featured resource: Training Needs Analysis: Bridging the Gap
Information Bullet Aisle 2: Environmental Compliance Principles and Theories
  Training materials related to principles of environmental compliance and enforcement, compliance theories, and environmental impact assessment.
  Featured resource: Principles of Environmental Compliance and Enforcement
Information Bullet Aisle 3: Inspections
  Training materials related to good practices for conducting inspections
  Featured resource: Compliance Inspection Training Course
Information Bullet Aisle 4: Case Development
  Training materials related to evidence, prosecution, bringing charges, negotiation and dispute resolution.
  Featured resource: Sentencing in Environmental Prosecutions
Information Bullet Aisle 5: Strategic Management and Performance Measurement
  Training materials related to performance indicators and strategic program management.
  Featured resource: Performance Indicators for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Programs
Information Bullet Aisle 6: Topic-specific Materials
  A "catch-all" category for training materials on compliance with laws related to ozone depleting substances, water, forests, parks, wildlife protection, and other topics.
  Featured resource: Capacity Building Program on Water Governance

Share Materials with the Network

The resource library is designed to share good practices from around the world among environmental compliance training practitioners, and the Secretariat invites you to share resources -- including formal course materials, field guides, and more informal presentations -- that could contribute to this important field of work. To share training materials with the network, please send an email to with a link to the materials or a short description of the resource and information on ordering copies. The network is particularly interested in providing resources in languages other than English.


The material provided in this database is being offered as a cooperative effort by the members of the International Training Network of Environmental Compliance Training Professionals.  The purpose is to provide a forum for discussion and learning.  Content has not been officially approved or endorsed by INECE or any other member of the Network.