UN Conference on Sustainable Development

Good Governance

INECE works to promote the message that effective environmental compliance and enforcement, at the national level, are critical to achieving international environmental objectives, including commitments made under multilateral environmental agreements. Environmental compliance and enforcement play a fundamental role in building the foundation for the rule of law, good governance, and sustainable development.

Robust national environmental compliance and enforcement systems for environmental and energy laws are critical parts of an effective overall governance strategy to meet green economy, poverty eradication, and sustainable development objectives. Multidisciplinary approaches to capacity building for parliamentarians, inspectors, prosecutors, and judges are keys to this process.

Well designed environmental laws and regulations, which include implementation and enforcement systems, advance a green economy by improving the health and safety of the workforce and communities, conserving natural resources and ecosystem services, promoting sustainability in the business community, expanding markets for environmental goods and services, creating sustainable jobs, driving technology innovation, and leveling the playing field for investment by reducing costs.

This message, which is communicated in section 8.21 of Agenda 21, will be an essential component of discussions in the lead up to the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20).  The outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference should emphasize institutional mechanisms at the international and domestic levels for implementation, accountability, compliance, and enforcement, supported by a science-based approach.

INECE Activities at Rio+20

For information on events on environmental governance, implementation, compliance, and enforcement, please see below. More details including  locations, times, and logistics will be updated regularly on INECE’s Rio+20 Events page.

16 June — Rio+20 Colloquium on Environmental Law & Justice

The Rio+20 Colloquim on Environmental Law & Justice will feature expert panels on comparative environmental law, MEA challenges and prospects, the role of public participation in environmental compliance and enforcement, the role of courts, and the principle of non-regression. INECE Managing Director Ken Markowitz will speak on the panel on the role of public participation in environmental compliance and enforcement. Event is open to the public.

16 June –  Environmental Governance and Social Inclusion Panel
This panel will be held at the US Center from 2:00 to 3:30 on June 16 on the topic of Environmental Governance and Social Inclusion. The panel will explore key features of effective systems for environmental governance at the national level, such as access to environmental information, public participation, law reform, implementation mechanisms, robust enforcement systems, and efforts to engage marginalized communities to promote social inclusion/environmental justice. For background, see the Foundations of Sustainability article at http://inece.org/resource/foundation/. Event is open to the public.

16, 17, 18, 19 June: Eye on Earth Series

The Eye on Earth Secretariat is sponsoring a series of events at Rio. The events all have very  interesting panels and promise a great discussion. The discussions will provide an opportunity to learn more about Eye on Earth’s work, its plans, and expectations, and meet new people relevant to your work. Events will be held Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at the UNEP PavilionEvents are open to the public.

17 – 20 June — World Congress on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability 
This high-level event will bring together Attorneys-General, Chief Prosecutors, Auditors-General (Cour des Comptes), Chief Justices and Senior Judges from around the world to foster a common vision and agreed principles on how to use law, justice and governance to promote sustainable development. INECE Managing Director Ken Markowitz will participate on a panel during the World Congress. INECE is a sponsoring partner of this event. Event is by invitation.
INECE Managing Director Ken Markowitz will participate on a panel on environmental governance during The Access Initiative’s “Choosing our Future” event — which will be among the most important events at Rio+20 on environmental governance.  For more information, the link to register, and the full schedule of workshops, see http://www.accessinitiative.org/choosefutureEvent is open to the public.

Key Activities & Publications