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The Global Network of Environmental Prosecutors was launched on June 20, 2011, during INECE’s 9th International Conference on Environmental Compliance and Enforcement. On that occasion, a diverse group of prosecutors agreed on the importance of creating this network because internationally organized crime asks for an internationally organized prosecution.

This new network is an outcome of a joint work program carried out by INECE and the IUCN.  It also builds on the experience of existing networks, such as the Latin American Environmental Prosecutors Network and the European Network of Prosecutors. The network will contribute towards compliance with international and national laws aimed at protecting flora and fauna, marine and terrestrial ecosystems, and habitats.  Potential specific areas of focus include fish, forest and wetlands.

The charter of the Global Network of Environmental Prosecutors is being drafted by a group of environmental prosecutors. If you are interested in getting involved or for more information please contact the INECE Secretariat at

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