Good Governance

A report on the Contribution of Good Environmental Regulation to Competitiveness  (also known as The Prague Statement on Better Regulation) was developed by the Network of Heads of European Environment Protection Agencies.

The report reviews the evidence on the links between environmental regulation and competitiveness. Barbara Young, as chair of the Network of European EPA’s Interest Group on Better Regulation, was instrumental in driving this work forward.

It finds that a modern approach to regulation can:

  • reduce costs for industry and business;
  • create markets for environmental goods and services;
  • drive innovation;
  • reduce business risk and increase the confidence of the investment markets and insurers;
  • assist competitive advantage and create competitive markets;
  • create and sustain jobs;
  • improve the health of the workforce and the wider public;and
  • protect the natural resources on which business and we all depend.

The Statement concludes that there is now significant evidence from international research that good environmental management and regulation does not impede overall competitiveness and economic development. On the contrary, it can be beneficial by creating pressure that drives innovation and alerts business about resource inefficiencies and new opportunities.

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