INECE’s efforts to control illegal logging focus on promoting good practices for promoting compliance with and enforcement of laws to protect standing timber. INECE work includes raising awareness to measures to control illegal logging and promoting compliance with such measures.

Forest destruction is a root cause of biodiversity loss and is a major driver of climate change, contributing up to 20% of emissions.

INECE resources, including its work on indicators and its Principles of Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Handbook, support policymakers around the world in designing effective requirements to control illegal logging, monitor compliance with logging permits, and conduct enforcement response.

A topical-regional network, Themis, operates under the INECE banner and is convened by the Regional Environment Center. The network is dedicated to responding to illegal logging and other environmental crime in South Eastern European countries and the Ukraine, and was launched on 25 November 2010.

To learn more about INECE’s work on detering illegal logging, email the INECE Secretariat at

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