Special Report on Next Generation Compliance

Special Report on Next Generation Compliance

INECE Special Report on Next Generation Compliance

Connecting practitioners to new technologies & regulatory innovations

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Technological innovation and new approaches to regulatory design and implementation are leading to significant improvements in monitoring and detecting pollution, responding to and mitigating environmental impacts, and communicating results to the regulated community, legislators and the public. Social innovations are facilitating efficient solutions to organizational and managerial challenges associated with compliance assurance. This Special Report on Next Generation Compliance is intended to inspire and stimulate a fresh wave of innovative problem solving and utilization of advanced tools and effective approaches to strengthen environmental performance.


+ Preface

+ Next Generation Compliance: Using Advanced Monitoring Technology to Meet Today’s Challenges and Plan for the Future
Lawrence E. Starfield and Catherine S. Tunis – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Advanced Technologies: Capturing, tracking, & analyzing data on environmental performance

+ Introduction

+ Quality Control of Data Provided by Air Quality Monitors for Regulatory Purposes

+ Air Monitoring Devices for Different Users and Purposes

+ Waiting in the Wings: Advanced Technology with Future Potential to Facilitate Regulatory Environmental Compliance and Enforcement

+  Using Earth Observation Technologies for Better Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement of Environmental Laws
Ray Purdy,  Using Earth Observation Technologies for Better Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement of Environmental Laws, J Environmental Law © 2010 22: 59-87. Time limited toll-free link courtesy of Oxford University Press; expires 6 July 2015.
Ray Purdy – Centre for Law and the Environment, University College London

+ Enforcing Aquaculture in Southern Chile through SAR Imagery
Carlos Sierralta, Cristian Garay, Hugo Ramírez, and Gonzalo Sepúlveda – Superintendency of the Environment

+ Next Generation Environmental Impact Assessment, Permitting and Enforcement in El Salvador
Cheryl Wasserman – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Salvador Nieto – Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources 

+ Case study: Tracking and management of medical waste in China through RFID technology

Regulatory Design: Maximizing the effectiveness of programs to achieve desired outcomes

+ Introduction

+ Private Environmental Regulation
LeRoy C. Paddock – George Washington Law School 

+ Understanding Compliance Management: Opening the Black Box of Self-Regulation
Martin de Bree – Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University 

+ Building Next Generation Regulatory Performance: The Regulatory Capability Development Programme
Matthew Marshall, Grant Pink, Leanne Elliott, and Dylan Horne – Australian Government Department of the Environment

Issues to Consider in Formulating New Regulatory Approaches: Considerations for regulators implementing new compliance promotion strategies

+ Introduction

+ Choosing Appropriate Interventions Alongside Inspections
Duncan Giddens – European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law (IMPEL)

+ Asian Judiciaries Influencing Environmental Enforcement and Compliance
Kala Mulqueeny – Asian Development Bank and Ms. Brenda Jay Angeles Mendoza – Consultant

+ Compliance Management: Change, Because it Must Happen and Certainly Can
Paul Meerman – Omgevingsdienst (Inspection Agency) Midden- en West-Brabant (the Netherlands)

+ Developments in Innovative Environmental Compliance Assurance in the Netherlands
Chris Dijkens and Henk Ruessink – The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) (the Netherlands)

+ Promotion of Compliance Assistance for Nairobi River Basin Enterprises
Ali Mwanzei – National Environment Management Authority (Kenya)

+ Case Study: Innovations in Environmental Inspections: Outcomes of a Bottom-up Brainstorm in the Netherlands
Dorothé Moonen – The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) (the Netherlands)

Next Steps in Next Generation Compliance

This section includes:

– Book review: Next Generation Environmental Compliance and Enforcement
     L.C. Paddock and J. A. Wentz (George Washington Law School), Review by Jessica Werber

– Information on conferences in spring of 2015

     J.B. & Maurice C. Shapiro Environmental Law Symposium: George Washington Law School, Washington, D.C. (26-27 March 2015)

     Innovating Environmental Compliance Assurance: Novel Insights and Approaches from Social Sciences, Erasmus University, Rotterdam (21-22 April 2015)

+ INECE Goals

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