Compliance Inspection Training Course

Compliance Inspection Training Course

US EPA developed the Environmental Compliance Inspection Training Course in 2002 after pilot courses in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and South Africa. The course is not designed for specific regulatory or media areas, or for specific industrial or municipal groups. Rather, it is intended to be an introduction to the common skills needed for any type of environmental compliance inspection where a determination of the facility’s compliance status is required.

Student Text

The Conducting Environmental Compliance Inspections: Inspectors Field Manual – International EditionPDF icon is the student text and represents one internationally accepted model for conducting compliance inspections. However, other models exist that may be equally or more applicable to a particular regulation or program. The course provides participants with an approach for effectively conducting environmental compliance inspections and becoming involved in the environmental compliance review and the resolution of any violations found.

Facilitator’s Manual

The Facilitator’s Manual (PDF icon, 21.2 MB) has been developed for course facilitators to use in conjunction with the student text entitled “Conducting Environmental Compliance Inspections.”  You can also download the Facilitator’s Manual by Chapter:



El manual titulado “Inspecciones de Cumplimiento Ambiental: Manual de Campo del Inspector (2007),” (PDF icon) en su edición Centroamérica y República Dominicana, es el texto del estudiante para el curso y representa un modelo internacionalmente aceptado para realizar inspecciones de cumplimiento. Sin embargo, existen otros modelos que pueden aplicar de igual o mayor forma para una reglamentación o un programa en particular. El curso proporciona a los participantes un método para llevar a cabo inspecciones de cumplimiento ambiental de manera efectiva y para involucrarse en la revisión del cumplimiento ambiental y en la resolución de las infracciones encontradas. El Manual de facilitador (PDF icon) también está disponible.

Traditional Chinese

chinese_inspector_cover2美國環境保護署與臺灣環境保護署共同致力於保護美國及亞太地區的自然環境及公眾健康已將近20年。臺灣環境保護署及美國環境保護署於2013年3月共同舉辦區域性國家環境執法訓練,邀請臺灣、越南、泰國、菲律賓、新加坡及印尼的環境執法人員參與訓練。臺灣環境保護署隨後採用了該次的訓練手冊來訓練國內環境執法人員,並將訓練手冊翻譯為成繁體中文版本。請點擊這裡 以瞭解更多關於臺灣環境保護署及美國環境保護署的合作計畫。

Download: 實施環境稽查  稽查手冊國際版  (Conducting Environmental Compliance Inspections Manual)

本手冊代表國際公認的稽查模式。然而,其他模式的存在,可能同樣或更適用於 特定的規則或程序。本手冊並非設計成特定類型稽查來使用。特定稽查的相關訊 息將可由專門的培訓程序中獲取。在這手冊中僅提供基礎資訊,可用以參考。

涵蓋的內容用通俗易懂的文字編寫並附實例,盡可能提供給廣大的使用者。長期 經驗顯示,當教材能夠更個人化,並詳細解釋某個程序,則更容易被學員記住與 瞭解。

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the Environmental Protection Administration Taiwan (EPAT) have been collaborating for nearly two decades to help protect the environment and human health in the Asia-Pacific region and the United States.  In March 2013, EPAT and USEPA hosted a Regional Inspection Training Course with participants from Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia. After the training, EPAT adapted the materials for their domestic training program, and translated the Inspectors Field Manual into traditional Chinese.  Click here for more information about the EPAT/EPA cooperative program.

Contact Information

Please contact Mr. Davis Jones with Questions, Comments, and for Information on how to Order a CD of the Course:

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