Featured Article: Foundations of Sustainability

Featured Article: Foundations of Sustainability

INECE is launching a series featuring highlights from selected articles from INECE’s 9th International Conference. The first in this series is the article Foundations of Sustainability by Scott Fulton, General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel, United States Environmental Protection Agency, and Justice Antonio Herman Benjamin, High Court of Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil and INECE Executive Planning Committee Co-chair.

In the article, the authors assert that the June 2012 U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio offers a valuable opportunity to take stock of progress towards sustainable development and, particularly, to identify successful mechanisms for good environmental governance. As the authors note,  “effective national and local environmental governance has increasingly been recognized as key to the [institutional framework for sustainable development] and to fulfilling sustainability aspirations.”

The paper identifies and discusses seven core precepts that form a basis for effective national (and subnational) environmental governance:

  • Environmental laws should be clear, even-handed, implementable, and enforceable.
  • Environmental information should be collected, assessed, and disclosed to the public.
  • Stakeholders should be afforded an opportunity to participate in environmental decisionmaking.
  • Environmental decisionmakers, both public and private, should be accountable for their decisions.
  • Roles and lines of authority for environmental protection should be clear and coordinated.
  • Affected stakeholders should have access to environmental dispute resolution mechanisms that are fair and responsive.
  • Public integrity in environmental program delivery is essential to achieving environmental protection.


¿Cuáles son los elementos básicos del desarrollo sostenible? En la fase previa a la Conferencia sobre Desarrollo Sostenible de las Naciones Unidas del año 2012, dos líderes de larga data en la materia, procedentes de países con diferentes niveles de industrialización, ponen énfasis en los sistemas de gobernanza nacional.

Quelles sont les parties principales du développement durable? A l’approche de la conférence sur le développement durable de l’ NU en 2012, deux leaders de longue date dans ce domaine, provenant de pays de différentes phases d’industrialisation, donnent priorité aux systèmes de gouvernance nationale.

Каковы основные элементы устойчивого развития? В преддверие Конференции ООН По Устойчивому Развитию, два лидера стран с разным уровней развития промышленности делают ставку на государственную правовую систему.


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ماھي العوامل الجوھریة للتنمیة المستدامة؟ في الفترة ما قبل مؤتمر الأمم المتحدة للتنمیة المستدامة لعام
2012 ، أكد زعیمان ذوا خبرة طویلة في ھذا المجال، قادمان من دولتین مختلفتین صناعیا، على ضرورة
الأنظمة الوطنیة للإدارة


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