Compliance Strategies to Deliver Climate Benefits

Compliance Strategies to Deliver Climate Benefits

Compliance Strategies to Deliver Climate Benefits

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Full Report: Compliance Strategies to Deliver Climate Benefits

Design robust laws and standards Sanction fraud and non-compliance

+ Australia: Regulatory Oversight for the Carbon Market

+ EU: Effective Auctioning of Allowances

+ US: How to Enforce a Carbon Tax

+ Mexico: Implementing the General Act on Climate Change

+ S. Korea: Smart Preparatory Phase Design

+ Intl: Unconventional Gas Regulatory & Compliance Issues

+ EU: Fighting Non-Compliance

+ Australia: Enforcement of Consumer Protection Laws

+ Australia: Assigning Adequate Enforcement Powers

+ Nigeria: Private Prosecution of Climate Change-Related Laws

+ US: Clean Green Fuel Fraud

Improve verification & auditing Understand trends in global governance

+ US: Quality Assurance Program for Compliance with the RFS

+ Canada: Improving GHG Verification through Comprehensive Guidance

+ The Compliance Committee of the Kyoto Protocol: Towards a Robust Assessment of Compliance with Targets for the First Commitment Period

Combat Illegal Trade in Ozone Depleting Substances Capture Health Benefits of Climate Controls

+ Kenya: Effective Enforcement of the Montreal Protocol

+ Enforcement Strategies for Combatting Illegal Trade in Ozone Depleting Greenhouse Gases

+ E. Africa: Developing a Regulatory Governance Program for Clean Air

+ US: Effective Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ships

Protect Forests & Promote Adaptation Leverage the power of networks

+ South Korea: Forest Carbon Programs

+ Pacific: Emerging Climate Laws

+ Environmental Enforcement Networks and the Network Evaluation Matrix: Their Roles in Climate Change Compliance and Enforcement

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