Maghreb Region

Maghreb Region

With a mission to improve environmental protection, the North African countries (Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia) created a regional network for environmental compliance and enforcement NECEMA with the support of INECE (International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement).

NECEMA’s goals are to:

  • Develop cooperation among the North African countries in the implementation of environmental laws;
  • strengthen the capacity of the authorities of those countries to promote compliance with environmental laws;
  • encourage exchanges in the field of environmental compliance and enforcement and between North Africa and the rest of the world through the main network INECE.

NECEMA expresses the views of the North African network of environmental compliance and enforcement. It also links the members of this network to information on environmental issues in two ways: legal and North African. It performs an internal and an external mission. Internally, it aims to capture relevant information about the legal implementation effort deployed in the region and to ensure the widest possible distribution. Externally, it will try to exercise selective environmental laws observed at the international level based on the large amount of information available within the main network INECE. NECEMA also wants to play a part in communication by making a contribution to the promotion of environmental legal information which is a prerequisite for the effective implementation of laws.

NECEMA in 2013

In 2013, fundraising efforts for the implementation of the 2012-2015 Action Plan of NECEMA continued, and in this context, new contacts and new partnerships were established. Key activities also included raising awareness on environmental enforcement and sharing best practices through the elaboration of the network’s bi-annual newsletter, NECEMA News, and its wider distribution to members, contacts, and new partners. NECEMA was also represented on several occasions at major events, such as the INECE/VHRM International Conference on Environmental Enforcement Networks: Concepts, Implementation and Effectiveness in Brussels, Belgium; the General Assembly of the Regional Environmental Center in Szentendre, Hungary; and the workshop of the newly established Jordan’s Network on Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (JNECE) in Amman, Jordan, which increased the visibility of the network.

Although the Regional Planning Committee did not meet this year, such meeting is planned to take place at the beginning of 2014.

NECEMA in 2012

Members of the NECEMA from Morocco, Mauritania, and Tunisia gathered in Rabat, Morocco, on 23 April 2012 for the annual meeting of the NECEMA Regional Planning Committee. Representatives of the Regional Environmental Center (REC), INECE, and GIZ were also present, and the Ambassador of Finland and a representative of the Embassy of the Netherland attended a diner organized after the meeting.

At the occasion of the meeting, the progress made since the last meeting was discussed, and participants agreed to the Action Plan covering the period 2012-2015. The Action Plan is divided into 4 clusters as follows: (1) a study on the state of the environment in the Maghreb, (2) training and capacity building for authorities, (3) conferences and debates on different topics, and (4) communication strategy. See the news release here.

Acknowledging the great success achieved by the Regional Environmental Center in the area of law development and capacity building on the implementation and enforcement of environmental legislation, the members of NECEMA have invited the REC to serve as NECEMA’s Secretariat. For the next three years, the REC will be offering its experience and best practices from number of regional cooperation projects to the Maghreb network, and transferring lessons learned for successful cooperation mechanisms in the area of environmental law enforcement and compliance.

Fundraising activities are currently taking place, as well as visibility actions, with notably the re-launch of NECEMA News, the network’s bulletin.

NECEMA in 2011

The Regional Planning Committee of the Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement in the Maghreb (NECEMA) held a meeting in Rabat, Morocco, on 28 January 2011 to confirm its 2011 workplan and to review accomplishments of 2010. Government officials from Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia participated in the meeting, along with international experts from INECE and from the Regional Environment Center.

During the meeting, the Executive Committee decided that the emphasis of the 2011 workplan will be on strengthening the Secretariat of NECEMA as well as the availability of funding, the execution of the adopted work plan, and the visibility of NECEMA. The meeting also provided the opportunity to review accomplishments of the network in 2010 across NECEMA’s three priority areas: (1) supporting efforts by Maghreb countries to develop an integrated strategy to advance compliance with environmental laws; (2) advancing cooperation among countries of the region; and (3) building capacity for environmental enforcement.

NECEMA in 2010

Dignitaries at the Conférence Maghrébine

On 22-23 January 2010, NECEMA representatives held a meeting in Marrakech. Participating were Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia, as well as representatives of INECE, ECENA, VROM, and GTZ. The meeting was organized by the Moroccan Ministry of the Environment and co-sponsored by GTZ and INECE.

After a welcoming presentation by the Chair, the participants discussed the results of NECEMA’s previous three year workplan. Based on the lessons learned, the participants agreed upon the next tri-annual action plan of 2010-2012 that includes numerous common subjects of interest.

Mr. Brahim Zyani, who chaired NECEMA during the past three years, handed over the chairmanship to Mr. Samir Kaabi of Tunisia who handed the vice presidency to Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Saghir of Mauritania. Morocco agreed to keep hosting the secretariat of NECEMA. Also, the participants agreed to held the next NECEMA meeting in Tunisia. Recognizing the efforts invested in bringing Algeria and Libya to the NECEMA, participants agreed upon strengthening those efforts in the future.

Participants stressed the need for funding of the network. NECEMA representatives and VROM agreed upon looking on the possibilities of organizing a waste transport training as well as a training on “Doing the Right Things Right.”

NECEMA in 2009

Key activities of NECEMA in 2009 included sharing stories of success, news, environmental law updates, and best practices on Maghreb environmental compliance and enforcement among all members; raising awareness of the importance of environmental compliance and enforcement in the region, focusing on topics such as hazardous waste management; establishing sub-regional environmental compliance forums; assisting in founding the Arab Network on Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (ANECE) and become a member; and collaborating with other regional networks.

NECEMA currently is researching regional capacity building needs regarding environmental inspections in ports focusing on waste transportation and is planning a workshop on this issue in collaboration with the Netherlands later this year.

Foundation of NECEMA

This document outlines the working methods of NECEMA, including: the roles of the Secretariat and the regional planning committeeing, the chairmanship, the INECE coordinator, capacity for participation, and the work program.

Ce document décrit les méthodes de travail de NECEMA, notamment : les rôles du secrétariat et le comité régional de planification, la présidence, le coordonnateur d’INECE, la participation et le programme de travail

This document highlights the agreement of the delegates upon the cooperation in the field of Environmental Compliance and Enforcement in the Maghreb and as a first step to establish NECEMA.

Key Activities & Publications