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There has been enormous progress in implementing environmental protections across Europe, but the potential for negative impacts remains according to the European Environment Agency. Considerable differences exist between countries in the region with respect to resource use and waste generation. Since Europe is highly modernized and has a high level of per capita consumption, there are enormous pressures on natural resources.  Wild areas that remain are highly fragmented. The significant improvements European countries have made in addressing environmental harms bring with them special challenges for compliance and enforcement professionals: managing an increasingly tight ship.

Europe suffers from many of the same environmental challenges as other parts of the world. Climate change has brought increasingly frequent extreme weather events, including heat waves, droughts, and floods. Due to high concentrations of population, a significant portion of urban dwellers live in areas where air pollution regularly exceeds EU air quality limits. Continuing loss of biodiversity is an ongoing problem, and overexploitation of soils, forests, and marine ecosystems continue to take their toll.


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