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The world’s most dramatic population growth is occurring in Asia, presenting enormous challenges for environmental compliance and enforcement efforts.  An explosion of mega-cities in south, southeast, and eastern Asia has created an array of stressors that threaten to overwhelm human capacity to address poor air quality and alarming shortages of water.  Extremely high concentrations of the population in certain areas have created waste management problems of unprecedented proportions.

In addition to passive challenges that are a byproduct of rapid growth, intentional human activities are contributing to the destruction of pristine ecosystems and poisoning the air and water at an alarming rate.  Monitoring and prosecuting these activities requires enormous resources and specialized skills. For these reasons, facilitating environmental compliance and enforcement efforts in Asia is a high priority.  INECE is committed to creating opportunities for sharing expertise and best practices for addressing these demanding problems.

Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Issues in the Asia/Pacific Region include:

  • Illegal releases of air and water pollutants
  • Illegal logging/timber trade
  • Illegal shipment of hazardous wastes, including e-waste and ships slated for destruction
  • Insufficient institutional structure/lack of enforcement capacity

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