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الشبكةالعربية للالزام والتطبيق البيئي


Arab Region Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (ANECE)

News & Announcements in the MENA Region

Regional Planning Meeting of the Maghreb Compliance and Enforcement Network Held in Rabat
7 February 2011 - The Regional Planning Committee of the Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement in the Maghreb (NECEMA) held a meeting in Rabat, Morocco, on 28 January 2011 to confirm its 2011 workplan and to review accomplishments of 2010. Government officials from Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia participated in the meeting, along with international experts from INECE and from the Regional Environment Center.

During the meeting, the Executive Committee decided that the emphasis of the 2011 workplan will be on strengthening the Secretariat of NECEMA as well as the availability of funding, the execution of the adopted work plan, and the visibility of NECEMA. The meeting also provided the opportunity to review accomplishments of the network in 2010 across NECEMA’s three priority areas: (1) supporting efforts by Maghreb countries to develop an integrated strategy to advance compliance with environmental laws; (2) advancing cooperation among countries of the region; and (3) building capacity for environmental enforcement.

Création du Réseau marocain d'application des lois environnementales.
31 Jan 2010 - Au Maroc, la réglementation en matière d'environnement connaît un grand déficit. Sur ce registre, cinq lois (eau, déchets, études impact, air et environnement) n'ont toujours pas été traduites sur le terrain faute de décrets d'application. C'est dans pareil contexte qu'a été créé dernièrement à Marrakech le Réseau marocain d'application des lois environnementales (NECEMAR). Cette initiative a pour objectif de contribuer à l'échelle nationale à la promotion du respect des lois environnementales... « La création de ce réseau vient combler le besoin en matière de rapprochement entre les compétences nationales ayant des objectifs communs relatif au développement durable. Par ailleurs, cette initiative s'inscrit dans une dynamique internationale de réseautage comme un facteur de bonne gouvernance environnementale », a indiqué Brahim Zyani, directeur de la réglementation et du contrôle au département de l'environnement et animateur de NECEMAR.

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2010 Plenary Workshop of NECEMA and Moroccan National Network Meeting Outcomes
On 22-23 January 2010, NECEMA representatives held a meeting in Marrakech. Participating were Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia, as well as representatives of INECE, ECENA, VROM, and GTZ. The meeting was organized by the Moroccan Ministry of the Environment and co-sponsored by GTZ and INECE.

After a welcoming presentation by the Chair, the participants discussed the results of NECEMA's previous three year workplan. Based on the lessons learned, the participants agreed upon the next tri-annual action plan of 2010-2012 that includes numerous common subjects of interest.
Mr. Brahim Zyani, who chaired NECEMA during the past three years, hand over the chairmanship to Mr. Samir Kaabi of Tunisia who handed the vice presidency to Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Saghir of Mauritania. Morocco agreed to keep hosting the secretariat of NECEMA. Also, the participants agreed to held the next NECEMA meeting in Tunisia. Recognizing the efforts invested in bringing Algeria and Libya to the NECEMA, participants agreed upon strengthening those efforts in the future.

Participants stressed the need for funding of the network. NECEMA representatives and VROM agreed upon looking on the possibilities of organizing a waste transport training as well as a training on "Doing the Right Things Right." 

On 23 January 2010, the in-country network of Morocco (NECEMAR) met. Participating were different sectors of government, NGOs, academia, media, judges, and universities. The network is informal with similar structure as INECE and NECEMA. During the meeting, two important subject were highlighted; the results of Copenhagen meeting and the implication for Morocco, and the successful process of preparing the national environmental charter. The participants will convene on a regular basis.

Establishment of Arab Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (ANECE)
On 18 June 2009, at the Dead Sea in Jordan, the Arab Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (ANECE) was established to promote cooperation between environmental enforcement officials throughout the Arab world.

H.E. Khalid Irani, the Minister of Environment of Jordan, H.E. Mrs. Joanna M. Van Vliet, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Mr. Lawrence C. Mandel, Deputy Chief of Mission for the United States Embassy in Amman, Jordan opened the meeting by stressing the role for enforcement to promote the implementation of environmental laws. 

The three keynote speakers joined participants from Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, and visiting experts from other regional networks worldwide in recognizing the ability of ANECE to share experiences and build the capacity of national enforcement program and to raise awareness of the importance of enforcement and compliance.  The outcomes from the meeting include the “Dead Sea-Jordan Statement” documenting the agreement of the participants on the fundamental principles of the network, a workplan for the network outlining priority areas of common concern, and the terms of reference for the structure and management of ANECE and its secretariat. Access the meeting sub-site.



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