Strengthening Networks

Strengthening Networks

INECE develops and supports regional and topical networks for enforcement and compliance cooperation to achieve better environmental results.

Cooperation among government officials can help create a level playing field for regulated industries domestically and internationally, resolve and prevent transboundary environmental problems, create efficiencies in the development of tools and programs, and foster the political will needed to strengthen implementation of environmental standards.

Operating as transgovernmental networks focused on environmental compliance and enforcement, regional and topical environmental compliance and enforcement networks provide the forums and mechanisms that enable direct interaction among and between domestic officials, international institutions, and private actors.

In particular, INECE’s conferences have resulted in commitments to launch new networks, including commitment to launch regional networks in West Africa and in South America during the 9th Conference, agreement to launch the Global Environmental Prosecutor’s Network during the 9th Conference, agreement to launch networks in Sub-Saharan Africa during the 8th International Conference, including the East African Network on Environmental Compliance and Enforcement, and commitment to launch the Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement in the Maghreb during the 7th International Conference.

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